Went with Melanie to catch A Good Woman, a movie adaptation of the Oscar Wilde play Lady Windermere’s Fan (not to be confused with the porno version, the Fanny of Lake Windermere, all about a woman in the Lake District with an enormous vagina). Updated to the 30s and set on the Amalfi coast it was hugely enjoyable – good cast, lovely sets but mostly those Oscar Wilde lines.

When one older man remonstrates with his younger companion that for someone who has never even thought of marriage he seemed to have a lot of opinions on the subject, his friend replies ‘in fact I have given marriage much thought – that is why I am unmarried.’ There’s a reason why Oscar is probably the author with more entries into the many quotations books printed each year than any other.

Oh, and Scarlet Johansen looked luscious in those elegant 30s gowns.