Vote blog

Voters of Britain, it is not too late! On Thursday you can reject Tony ‘trust me’ Blair and his warmongering ways; you can avoid the ghastly embrace of Howard the Frog; you can leave Charlie Kennedy out of 10 Downing Street and give him more time with his new baby. Yes, you can instead vote for the Blog Party!

The Blog Party stands for not bombing other countries; we’ll try using discussion with other Bloggers round the world. The Blog Party will not prey upon people’s fears by whipping up racist nonsense about ‘immigrants; we realise our world is interconnected and people should be able to move as freely as words and data. The Blog Party will not lie to the electorate; since the Blog Party will fund a Blog for every citizen it would be far too easy to be caught out since everyone will be watching and discussing the actions of a Blog Party government.

In fact the Blog Part would insist on government documents, such as legal advice from the Attorney General, being published freely on a Cabinet Office Blog so everyone can read it and discuss it. The Blog Party will increase the provision for learning other languages so Blogger shall talk unto Blogger around the world and foster understanding instead of xenophobia.

Okay, a little silly, but a Blogger Party couldn’t be any worse than the numpties we’ve got to choose from tomorrow. I’m disappointed there is no candidate for the Monster Raving Loony Party standing in my constituency – I guess I’ll just need to vote Liberal or Green then! And then perhaps I should take up papier mache artwork; then at least I can re-use some of the enormous amount of election nonsense that’s been stuffed through my letterbox to some decent effect.