On the way home from work on holiday Monday I decided to stop of for a couple of beers and called a chum who was off. I was also feeling a little paranoid because as I left the Planet I heard a a helicopter overhead. A little later and further along I notice the chopper hovering nearby again and then once more as I approached the pub near my end of town where I was going to meet my friend. Now I’m starting to get paranoid that this damned thing is following me!

Then my mate calls me to say he is going to be late because there are huge numbers of police blocking off the main junction and all the streets approaching it and a helicopter overhead (ah). So, just as well I didn’t go right home since I wouldn’t actually have been able to! Naturally being rather curious as to what the smeg was going I had a look today and discovered that a gunman was in the nearby medical practise (where my doctor is), right round the corner from my home.

Nasty – gunmen aren’t something you expect in the middle of Edinburgh, especially on your doorstep. Perhaps he was a Fundamentalist Jambo (that’s a Hearts FC fan – Hearts=jam tarts=Jambo) outraged over recent controversial plans to move the club a whole five minutes away to Murrayfield Stadium and starting his own Jambo Intafada? And the moral of this tale is that giving in to that whim to go for a couple of pints can be a very good move.