Busy, busy

Every time I vow not to let more than a few days elapse between postings I find I get busy and several days lapse between postings… Oh well, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, which explains why when I go to see my old mucker Satan (or ‘Stan’ as we call him) I find it easier to take the train (underground train of course) rather than drive since good intentions make for a poor paving surface and the resultant constant road works on the Highway to Hell lead to gridlock and tailbacks which are, appropriately enough, hellish.

Very busy but productive week for me – my colleague Lee was up to install new software and give me some instruction so I can get a more direct handle on the soon-to-be-launched, all-new graphic novels site. It’s a massive amount of work, between the constant new material required to be put on in good time and checking and updating the existing entries to the new standards while getting to grips with a new software package (which lacks a bloody ‘undo’ function!!! Arrrgghh!).

Still, I’m not complaining – it’s a genre close to my heart that I’ve posted many reviews of over the years and here I am being given a chance to roll my sleeves up and help shape FPI’s graphic novels site. Several members of staff, friends, fellow reviewers and authors have also been persuaded to supply me with their personal top ten graphic novels for a nice little feature for the site when it launches, so it is going to be more than just a webstore and although the task is a little daunting its fun too. Also nice to meet Lee at last – we work together everyday via email and instant messenger, but this was the first time we’d met in person. Naturally some post-work beer and food was required (can’t work properly without fuel you know).