Always trying to think on different items for the FPI blog at work I decided to try some short interviews – blogs aren’t necessarily the best place for a full length review, but I thought a mini-review could work and it looks to be a good way to supplement and compliment the reviews I’ve been posting. So today I asked one of the first authors mentioned on the new blog, Ian Hocking, if he would mind answering a few questions, which I’m glad to say he did – it’s live over on the FPI site. If anyone wants to have a look and leave a comment, there’s a work contact at the top header.

Good old day on the work blog actually today – a few weeks ago I blogged about artist Michael Zulli after following a link from Neil Gaiman’s journal. Michael is working on his final Morpheus portrait – he is tired of always being asked for Sandman images, so he is doing one final one but is posting the work in progress, from sketch to finished oil work. It’s a clever way of sharing a creative process that most of us don’t get to see and is well worth a visit. Michael very kindly gave me his permission to post a couple of examples on the FPI blog and obviously his own page has full-sized versions (and all of the rest too). A signed hardback of Sandman – the Wake is one of my prized signed books; a nice Sandman drawing by Neil on the inner page and Michael’s gorgeous artwork – luscious book.