Well, it’s been a busy old week – I’ve been catching up with some chums for that fine social ritual we call eating and drinking in the evening and getting increasingly settled into my post at FPI and re-connecting with some of the publishers I’ve worked with before, selecting and writing up material for the next catalogue (some damned fine books coming out folks) and, I’m pleased to say, posting for the shiny, new Forbidden Planet Blog Logs! Woohoo!

Hands up right at the start to admit, yes, it is a blog with a business agenda since obviously I’m hoping folk take an interest in the items in the blog and consider buying them from the main FPI webstore. But there is also the other agenda which is that myself and colleagues who contribute genuinely want to share the cooler and more interesting books, comics, graphic novel and merchandise that come in.

So, yes, I will be (and indeed already am) highlighting some very good books to folks, which is great and even better I’ve had some colleagues passing on their favourite items just now – check out my colleague Steve’s new comic picks. This is one of the things I do really like about my new post – most of the folk I’m working with are into what they sell and like me they’re reading the same titles our customers buy, so I think that will give the blog a nice touch. I’m also looking for feedback from customers too and want folk to contact me via the FPI blog with info on any cool titles they’ve picked up and enjoyed recently or suggestions, questions etc.

And on the multiple blog front I’m going to update the Book Group blog shortly since one of our regular members, Jen, has managed to sweet-talk her uncles into kindly offering us a library room in their hotel in the New Town (Melville House Hotel) to use for this month’s meeting. We’re meeting a week earlier this month and will be discussing Grass. That’s the classic Sheri S Tepper novel and not the type you mow or smoke :-). The two Lewis Carroll Alice books split the group this week on the who-liked-it front although most agreed they were rather cleverly written. Why is a raven like a writing desk? Details on the book group blog shortly – anyone in the Edinburgh area who is interested is welcome to come along.