After an enjoyable trip through to the Glasgow Forbidden Planet (where I used to buy many a Sandman and Hellblazer issue before I moved to Edinburgh) for a meeting with some new colleagues I took some time to have a good look through the rather excellent books section, which had a very good mix of British and import titles and a very good range of graphic novels. I mention this in passing because other new colleagues in Belfast sent me some pictures of their broad-range books section as a reply to an earlier comment posted by a visitor – they hope you’ll come by the newer premises they have to browse and of course offer to try and find any title for you that they don’t have.

I’ve had a nice email from the Manhattan branch as well, where they are currently refreshing and reworking their books range, welcoming me onto the team and I got to have a constructive ideas-swapping meeting with colleagues in Glasgow. Actually everyone has been very friendly to me and been helpful and welcoming. And no, I’m not just saying that! It’s nice to be made welcome since moving into a new job is always stressful; even when it is somewhere you want to be it’s still a major change in your life so it is good to be made to feel comfortable even before you’ve properly started. I’ve also got the strong impression that I’m going to be able to swap ideas with plenty of other colleagues – I’m sure it will be a lot of work but I’m also sure it will be fun as well.