Legislators in Virginia have finally dropped the ridiculous new bill which would allow the imposition of fine on people showing underwear in a “lewd or indecent manner”. When I first heard about this a couple of days ago it was one of those stories you assume is a joke. Nope, check the date, it ain’t April 1st and it’s a legislature in the South, y’all, so yep, they are serious. Guess that would mean Madonna, Britney and other popsters would be unable to perform in Richmond (would they miss it? would the Richmond citizens?).

Apart from the foolishness of such a law – how exactly do you interpret this? Do Underwear Vice Cops carry tape measures to examine how much of your knickers are showing over your jeans? – it was pointed out that since the droopy drawers look is especially favoured by coloured youth, guess which sector of the community would be getting pulled over all the time (well, even more than they do already).

Perhaps lawmakers should turn their attention from inoffensive glimpses of thongs as someone bends over and instead concentrate on far more important matters which could really make society a better place? Such as fines for workmen with lard-asses happily showing ‘builder’s bum’ to the world. I mean come one – you could use those wobbly arse cracks to park your bike in! Haven’t they heard of belts? Eeuuuggghhh.