Book Aid

Via Ariels’ Editor Blog on the mighty Alien Online (I must get some more reviews sent in – amazing how you can be unemployed but always busy! And I’m also happy to plug a site I am proud to write for regularly: it is an excellent resource for folk wanting reviews and information on all things SF, Fatnasy and Horror): Sean Wright has organised a book auction here on Ebay with help from folk in the book trade to raise money for the Asian Tsunami relief. So any book lovers out there reading this why not have a look and spread the word to other book lovers?

Here’s what they said themselves on EBay:

“The aim is to raise as much money as we can for UNICEF. Crowswing and Nigel Eastman at Sqwubbsy Books contacted many well-known authors, illustrators, photographers, agents, publishers, book dealers and shops asking for donations of signed books. The response has been overwhelming. So thanks to everyone who has donated, publicised the appeal, or worked behind the scenes to make it happen. It’s very kind.

Future auctions on ebay will follow as books and pledges arrive daily. To make it easier for you to locate those auctions, you can either search for Crowswing Book Aid Tsunami Earthquake Appeal when you log on to ebay, or for daily updates follow the links at

Please bid generously.”