Charity begins at the home (page)

Those who have read the Woolamaloo for years will have to forgive me here but I’m about to bang the drum once more for the Hunger Site. Since there have been many more visitors than usual I thought I may as well use that to highlight a good cause (and it’s always nice to try and make good out of bad events).

For those who don’t know the Hunger Site is a page you may visit and click on the ‘donate’ button once per day. It then opens a page of advertisers (not the annoying pop-ups) who contribute to the World Food Programme. You don’t need to buy anything, but purchases from sponsors add further contributions to the Food Programme. I’ve found some rather lovely and unusual gifts this way.

So one click a day and you’re helping someone who needs it; feeding a hungry person. Make it your good deed for the day and spread some nice karma. There are also links to associated sites such as the Breast Cancer Site, Literacy Site and Rain Forest site, all working along the same principles.

Here’s an excerpt from the email I received from the Hunger Site on their annual results:

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.” Thank you for helping to illuminate the world through your generous actions at The Hunger Site. Your efforts are making a difference…

In 2004, clicks on the “Give Free Food” button gave more than 45 million cups of food to the hungry. In addition, purchases in The Hunger Site store gave an additional 3 million cups of food to fight hunger. Thank you!

Isn’t that marvellous? Isn’t it nice to know we can all make a difference in this world?