Brummy the Vampire Slayer

Found this fabulous article on the alleged Birmingham vampire via author Liz Williams’ blog. Urban legends and the human need for such modern mythologies – it’s a top article. I did wonder what sort of vampire a Brummie would make but then was reminded of an old John Hellblazer Constantine line (in the old days before John Constantine wasAmericanised and re-made as Keanu Reeves, although in fairness the trailer looked good) in Neil Gaiman’s Books of Magic where John makes and offhand remark about a scuffle with a troll in Birmingham. Oh sure, there are trolls in Birmingam, scoffs young magician-to-be Tim Hunter. If you know where to look, replies Constantine. File these with the MacKenzie poltergeist here in Edinburgh’s historic Greyfriar’s Kirkyard.