Stan Lee has won the rights to ten percent of the monies raked in by Mighty Marvel from the excellent Sam Raimi Spider-Man adaptation, after claiming he was shut out by Marvel, despite being the creator of Spider-Man. And the Hulk. And the Fantastic Four and… Well, let’s just say he’s made a lot of comic readers very happy (almost as happy as I was when I saw the picture of Dark Angel’s Jessica Alba in her Fantastic Four costume for the forthcoming movie). I’m sure most comics fan will be pleased to see Stan getting his dues.

In other SF news Stephen Fry has been announced as the voice of the book in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie. I have to admit as a lifelong H2G2 fan (I know where my towel is – do you?) I think Fry is a great choice – he has a good voice and intonation for the role (his reading of the Harry Potter audio books for instance is marvelous). And I believe he was also a friend of the late (and still missed) Douglas Adams, so it is rather fitting. No doubt Hitchhiker source of all wisdom, MJ Simpson will have the inside scoop on Planet Magrathea.