I can’t believe it’s not Liberty!

To mark the inauguration of that remarkable war-time hero of the American People, George W. Bush, Lardbucket Dairies is proud to present their all-new dairy product for Patriots everywhere, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Liberty. Produced using only the finest all-American cattle, raised on the finest all-American steroids in the patriotic heartland of Texas ranches I Can’t Believe It’s Not Liberty is a full-fat product (take that you Liberal nannies!) that spreads straight from the fridge.

Perfect for a patriotic breakfast or to spread on troubled nations – why labour on as whining, unpatriotic Liberals criticise your policies when with one application of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Liberty on the troubled area and everything is instantly better! Apply swiftly then forget all about it – it’s the American Way! Salam of Baghdad said: “My family were shot dead at a checkpoint; we have no running water or electricity; violence blights our everyday lives but now we have this remarkable spread and the sun shines on my people once more. I really Can’t Believe it’s Not Liberty!”

A percentage of all profits will go to the Rush Limbaugh’s Red, White and Blue Donuts for Freedom programme.