Checking out Padraig’s blog (a fellow Alien crewmember) and came across this link to a wonderful quiz designed tolet you know, through a few simple questions, who your inner murderer is. Which infamous killer are you? Take the test and find out! My results are below – blood-drinking fiend that I am this seems most appropriate for me, as anyone who knows me will probably agree 🙂

You are Elizabeth Bathory. (The bloodcountess)
Legend tells us that you, this very rich,
beautiful and high born woman tortured and
murdered some 650 young women and bathed in
their warm blood to keep yourself beautiful.

In some stories, it is said you have drank thier
blood as well. You were a sexual sadist on a
grand scale.

Ah vanity is your downfall. For shame!

Which Imfamous criminal are you?
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