Yep, as the calendar year draws to an end so to does my personal one, Hogmanay also being my birthday. Not been the greatest year for the world or myself personally and the holiday period for me has been overshadowed by personal events which my parents, family and friends have been quite wonderful in dispelling for me. On the other hand, despite some blows I’m healthy, so are the furry girls, my family and my friends so quite frankly all other considerations are secondary to that.

Off for an afternoon birthday treat to the movies to finally see the Lemony Snicket adaptation (the books are fabulous and I commend them to adults and children alike – very Edward Gorey-esque and also with some educational content for the sprogs) then I am going to spend a Hogmanay evening with some dear friends. I hope the New Year may bring better fortunes for us all and wish you all best hopes for health, peace and love for you and yours.

gaudy decor courtesy of animatedgifs.net once more