A time for giving

As they normally say at Christmas time. Found a good way to give the idea of a gift this year to some folks but help out others at the same time. Oxfam offer the opporunity to purchase a sort of vouchers deal in the name of other people. You select a ‘gift’ in the name of the person you wish and your money, instead of buying a shiny new toy or DVD movie will go to Oxfam. You can select a wide range of ‘gifts’, from ten quid upwards, including chickens, water purifiers, blankets. It’s probably too late to get your voucher and card for Xmas now (I think I just made it) but for those of you who will be going to see relatives etc over the holidays but after the Big Day and you’re still thinking what to I buy for my aunt/uncle/cousin etc who I see twice a year why not think on giving them one of these gifts? If you are a UK taxpayer they can even reclaim the tax to spend on folks who need it. What a bloody brilliant idea.