Christmas in Edinburgh

Out to do some Chrimbo shopping this afternoon. Very cold, crisp and clear winter’s day here in Scotland’s capital; the sort of cold you can feel tightening the skin on your face, as if someone were pulling back the flesh of your cheekbones (vain people in LA pay for that sort of treatment you know!) and the breath of children and adults alike trails from their mouths like a little foggy afterthought to respiration. Met up later on with Melanie who was also in buying pressies and went for hot coffee and yummy chocolate-covered marshmallows (tastes so much better after a couple of hours walking in the clear, cold air).

The gorgeous carousel in Princes Street Gardens – a proper, old-fashioned carousel covered in gilt, with hand-painted horses and lights all over (yes, I’ve had a go before, I couldn’t resist it. In fact I once took a date on it – I thought it was romantic, she didn’t get it at all, no wonder that date went nowhere!). In the East Gardens, right next to the Robert Brother’s Circus Big Top is an elve’s village (I looked for an Arwen for myself but didn’t find one) and these extremely relaxed reindeer who were utterly unperturbed by those of us with flash cameras snapping them repeatedly and children yelling).