It’s that time of year when we at the Gazette help your Xmas shopping lists by suggesting to you some of the bestsellers of 2004 from time to time. Top of the mass sales to huge numbers of non-discerning people was the Luigi Node by Adman Frown. A convoluted conspiracy thriller revolving around the legendary first man in the Renaissance who used Pi and the relation of the circumference to the circle to create the most perfectly rounded pizza (hence ‘pizza pi(e)’). Within the mathematics governing this perfect pizza is a code which reveals the GPS co-cordinates for the location of the Holy Grail. After the code is found on a secret web site – the Luigi Node – it sparks a worldwide search in ancient locations in Egypt, Paris, Rome, Roslyn and Auchtermuchty. But there are shadowy powers who will stop at nothing to conceal the Truth. One secret organisation within the Catholic Church have already killed President Kennedy who knew the location of the grail and threatened to reveal it (why do you think his White House was called Camelot?) while Angels, aliens, crystal healers and the Rotarians all mobilise their own secret organisations to be first in the race.