American Dreaming I had a dream recently where I was on holiday in New York, being shown around by my dear chum Lili, even although I know she lives in California, not NY. However, it was my own nice little twisted version of New York, all set on various hills, with lots of tall but crumbling Gothic buildings. Don’t recall too much except for the fact Lili and her girls were taking me to a Masque ball at a brooding building which sat amidst an orchard of dead trees on top of a hill. The building was reminiscent of the hotel in The Shining and had once upon a time been a school for girls, but had been closed after a series of tradgedies many years before. The ghosts of many of the teachers and girls still walked the halls, which were, naturally, all lit only by flickering candelabras and we danced to a string quartet in our dark red and black velvet finery while the sound of little feet and faint voices were heard and the mirrors often reflected more than should have been there. Some folk may find this a disturbing dream but I loved it and woke up in a great mood.