Oh my Gentle, Gay Jesus

The moral minority have been mounting their High Horse of Indignation once more. A theatre group are staging Corpus Christi in Saint Andrews here in Scotland. Some Christians are outraged because the play deals with a homosexual Jesus and disciples. Okay, I’m not religious but I can understand that wouldn’t be your cup of communion wine if you are a Christian. But if you don’t like it why the hell go and see it???? And why then complain to the police and attempt to make them use the embarrassingly archaic blasphemy laws to try and have the play shut down? The same democratic rules which allow freedom of worship (which even I believe in regardless of my lack of religious belief) are the same ones which allow for freedom of speech. By making such a song and dance in the media these silly buggers have just raised the profile of the very event they were so outraged at to begin with! Numpties. And so nice to see what some of those protesting Christians who believe in brotherly love, turning the other cheek and in not judging lest they be judged were outside telling anyone who would listen that homosexuality was a sin etc, etc. Well, seems to me from what I remember dimly of the dire (and dull) Bible classes from childhood that one of the central tenents of Christianity is that everyone is a bloody sinner. And I also seem to recall that Jesus went among the people most estranged by the God-fearing religious crowds of his time, such the homeless, the ill and prostitutes because he felt deeply that everyone, especially those society turned its back on or held in contempt, had to be embraced.

Not a bad credo to live, regardless of your spiritual outlook and one which falls on deaf ears of many of those who profess to be followers of Christ. I can only assume that someone who had acted like that in his time would, if he were here now, go among the same outcasts again – the homeless and prostitutes once more (because in 2, 000 years they’re still with us) and doubtless gays, lesbians, addicts and anyone else who needed his help. And as for the head of Christian Voice saying that no other religion is subject to this kind of thing because they would go bananas, well, he is partially correct in that Muslims would get a little stroppy (rather like the Christian Voice folk have in fact) but I think he’s way off when he says Buddhists would explode! What sort of Fundamentalist Buddhists has this numpty been speaking to???? Don’t recall Buddhists going on Crusades or suicide bombings. Ah, the whole thing leaves that ridiculous taste in the mouth left after the bollocks caused by Christian institutions on the release of Monty Python and the Life of Brian. It does make me wonder how weak is their faith that they can’t deal with things like this without getting so hot under their starched collars? Surely if your faith was strong enough this would just wash past you? Indeed you could always just turn the other cheek.

Oh, and I had a quick look at the site of Christian Voice and was disgusted and sickened at their virulent homophobia. What happened to love thy brother? These people are the worst forms of hypocrites, using religion as a vehicle for dispensing hate-filled views. Well, they are allowed to have their viewpoint, but if they can spew this reprehensible hate out then they shouldn’t be trying to stop other people from voicing (or performing) theirs. Like I said, hypocrites. Although I did agree partially with their quote from Matthew about man not living by bread alone. I agree with this – I would have some fine, farm-fresh cheese and some nice Brodeaux direct from my wee French guy’s deli with my bread.

As a special peace offering here though I offer you all the lovely Christian joke from the book and film of James O’Barr’s The Crow: “Jesus walks into an inn and hands the inkeeper three nails before asking him if he could put him up for the night.” Yep, I’m sure they all think I’ll burn in eternal damnation, but since my soul isn’t as filled with hate as theirs I rather doubt it. Besides, Uncle Nick and I are on good terms you know (we often bump into him at the bar during Alice Cooper gigs – he has good taste in music but he does draw the line at hanging around with a fiddle in Georgia, which you really can’t blame him for, can you?).