Why Walmart?

An interesting article via the Environmental News Network which makes points about Walmart, America’s biggest employer, and is somewhat similar to many of the points raised in books like Fast Food Nation and Nickeled and Dimed. If you are a Right Wing person who found this site by mistake don’t worrry, it’s all just part of the Liberal Media Conspiracy. Still, interesting reading – think about where you’ll buy your holiday items after reading this.

What did the Unuit say to the Robin?

Well, nothing apparently. Another from ENN which explains that another problem with Global Warming (which is of course another invention of the Liberal Media) is that species unknown to natives such as Inuit are expanding northwards and they have no words for these – to them bizarre – creatures. It sounds almost like a bad joke until you think about it (or if you are a Right Wing nutter here by mistake again then you can wait until Rush Limbaugh tells you what to think – don’t want you to strain your little brains, do we?).