The newest artwork from the always-excellent team at the Saint John’s Church on Princes Street (had nipped into the One World café for lunch – in the summer you can have your coffee and cake in the graveyard, which is great!). If you can’t make out the text, it says “ten years on and South Africa sends UN observers to the US elections”! Heh. You’d think they’d be keen to show a proper election this time after the debacle that let Dubyah squirm into power unelected – but once more the US electoral system seems to be screwed up, with registered names vanishing from rolls once more, postal ballots going missing (hands up once more Florida – maybe they got caught in a hurricane?) and some Republican activists planning to be on the doorsteps of polling stations demanding to check potential voter’s credentials and right to vote. Let’s be frank here, if this sort of thing was happening in any other nation they’d be sending out Jimmy Carter (possibly the last decent bloke to sit in the White House) in with the UN to monitor the elections. So much for the World’s Greatest Democracy ™. On a related but lighter note, aforementioned former president has his first novel due out soon – a sweeping tale set in the South during the Civil War era. I kid yet not!