morning sky

8 am, Princes Street, Edinburgh. Crisp, cool, clear autumnal morning. The sun is bright but lower in the sky every day, casting long shadows over the sculptures of the Scott Monument, contrasting with the warm, golden glow of great blocks of sandstone warmed by early morning light and glittering through the leaves of trees which are now beginning to turn and fall. The sky… The sky was perfect, one of those sights you just stop in the middle of the rush hour rat race and take a brief minute to drink in. A beautiful shade of light blue, bright and clear in the light of the rising sun and dappled only with a few randomly placed clouds which are cotton-wool white. The colours of the Scottish flag above the ancient stones of the capital, as if some artist had created an Impressionist painting of the Saltire on a vast canvas; a fresco painted by nature on the Sistine Chapel ceiling of the sky.

I know, I’ve said it many times before, but truly Autumn in Scotland is simply the most beautiful time and place in the world.