I had a nice email from Alexa a few days ago and have point you towards her rather excellent bare-it blog, A New York Escorts Confessions. Love the bit about the extra business she had while the Republican conference was in town! Nothing like those god-fearin’, family-values rich gits for a bit of illicit rumpy pumpy, eh? Read it and like me you’ll be thinking two things: I bet most of these guys are married (and pay for adverts to hound Democratic politicians caught philandering) and secondly that Alex had to work bloody hard for payday there :-). Oh well, as these politicians are always screwing us you may as well make something from the buggers.

I’m sure my dear chum Lili will approve heartily of this blog – unless her recent marriage has made her into a new woman, dropping the sweaty sex for baking applie pies for the church group, swapping rolling pin for leather whip… Ah, who am I kidding?!?!?!? She’s more likely to do good by teaching the women in the church group about advanced oral techniques, bless her. Big congrats to her and Mr C (who I suspect will need a lot of vitamins in his diet but seems happy to rise – so to speak – to the challenge).

a little example of why you should go and read Alexa’s NY Escort Confessions