Not realising there was a home game this afternoon at Tynecastle Stadium I nipped out of my flat to the shops. Straight into thousands of the Great Unwashed. Now, much as I despire football (I went to a rugby school where we were encouraged to look down upon the game. Thank god for good schools) I can’t in all fairness tar all footie fans with the same brush. However, it is equally fair to say that the Jambo (Hearts=Tarts=Jam Tarts=Jambos) crowd harbours more than a fair amount of Scum of the Earth within the general fan ranks. These are the ones throwing fast food litter and beer bottles away in the street right next to my home – they don’t give a shit that people live there. They jeer, they sing hate-filled sectarian songs they generally act in threatening manners as ordinary folk who live there try to go around their business.

For those who don’t know Hearts may be moving from their stadium to to poverty and relocating to nearby Murrayfield. This has created great uproar amongst the fans, understandably. Personally I hope the buggers go so I and everyone else around here has a better quality of life. One of the few local merchants who hasn’t put up a ‘save hearts’ sign in his window told me that he thought them going would improve the area immeasurably. The police have been called to protests both outside Tynecastle (on my doorstep, thank you very much) and to the homes of club officials who have had threatening mail, calls etc. And today the Scum section of the crowd sank to an all-time low. What bottom-feeding scumbuckets always pop-up around masses of uneducated people who are full of anger to fuel and feed it? Why the BNP of course. Waving large Union Jacks, shaved heads, handing out their despicable ‘political’ tracts. I heard one in a UJ t-shirt complaining that he wasn’t allowed in to the stadium wearing it. So good for the Tynecastle official who lept these Nazi-wannabes out. I’m sure they ended up at the nearby pub which always seems to be full of these sorts of creeps. Went home feeling unsafe and dirty. My, what a credit to the sport. Creeps. Hunger politics is alive and well and still stoking the fires of hostility and hate.