Spargo II

The sequel to the hard-ridin’ adventure taking the Wells Fargo across the Nevada deserts and the occasional bit of high plain driftering too. Or to put it another way, I had a very nice email from Tamsin Spargo, who, behind the outlaw bandana mask and clinking spurs is actually a lady. This makes the sequel fare more interesting of course, as Spargo II has a woman making her way in an outlaw-man’s world, holding up trains (they do that themselves in modern Britain), stampeding the townsfolk, robbing the cattle (the cattle were often wealthier than the townsfolk of the frontier), wrestling the natives (a girl needs some fun on the trip you know) and dodging those pesky Pinkerton’s agents, all set to glorious cinematography. Where’s my agent? Get Clint on the phone, see if he’s free to direct our fabulous new Western!