Got a correction on the order of the name of the film-maker below: apparently “It’s Wong Kar Wai..not the other way round…” from Adrock2xander. I have seen the name in different orders before so honestly not sure which was the correct, but since many movie sources often get it wrong I think I deserve a little slack, but point taken. Not sure about the ‘white people’ comment which comprised the rest of the email with this correction though – especially since being Celtic I consider myself pale blue rather than white :-). As for us ‘white people’ trying to have it our own way I’d say most cultures in all periods of time and geography tend to mostly see the world through the cultural lens they were raised with – this is not unique to 21st century ‘white people’ (whatever that means – does this mean that everyone with white skin is the same? So someone from East Anglia who lives on a farm is the same as white businesswoman from Saint Louis? Or South Africa?). Besides as a Scot I can have Western model of forename and surname in that order or can draw on my ancient Scottish model and use my Clan name. So there. Never mix up white folks with us Celts!