Caught Nathalie as part of the French Film season. Great disappointment and a waste of a good cast – Gerard Depardiue, Fanny Ardent and the delicious Emmanuelle Beart. Watchable but rather insipid it lazily uses the most cliched of French movie conventions – obsession with extra marital affairs, everyone smokes and everyone is always at the Cafe Tabac…

fanny ardent emmanuelle beart in nathalie

However, not a total waste since Melanie and I went to the Film Fest box office and got some tickets for the premiere of 2046 by Kar Wai Wong at the Edinburgh Film Festival, an interesting SF film from Asia which has the amazing Gong-Li (Raise the Red Lantern) in it and is generating good advance buzz and also tickets for Hero as well, a movie claimed to be the new Crouching Tiger. Because I have a pass for the UGC (so I can see loads of movies a month for 9.99) and they are a major player in the EIFF now I get special discounts, like 2 for 1 on advance tickets. Woohoo! Will be back to pick out a few more for myself on my time off during the Festival.