Tingling Spidey-senses

Spider-Man 2 totally rocks! Actually better than the first one – sure they have ramped up the effects and action scenes as you may expect, but a fair bit of the hefty 2 hours plus running time is given over to character development. This is pretty much in keeping with the spirit of the comics where Peter Parker and his everyday life and trials are just as important as Spider-Man is.

At the end of the first film we see Peter coming to terms with the responsibility his powers have brought with him. This time round he starts to have self doubts about his role and how it conflicts with his own life. Actually this is is pretty much in keeping with the classical hero model since most eventually accept the call (most heroes are called) and embark on the journey, but heroes, like most of us, aren’t always sure about things and the questioning of his role is realistic. The whole thing was obviously put together with a lot of love and attention to the style and flavour of the original by Raimi. Great stuff and clever integration of material from the first film was a bonus, while the train sequence is both pulse pounding and has a somewhat cheesy yet touching ending. The film too, despite some obvious plotholes, can be a little cheesy (in the good way luckily) but has some genuine heart to it.