Casting suspicions

So did George Galloway take money from Saddam? Well, I am not Galloway’s principal fan. Much as I applaud his anti-war stance I have always found his highly-publicised (too highly methinks) ‘missions’ to Libya and Iraq somewhat uncomfortable. His televised appearances with Saddam and Gaddafi really make him look far too chummy with them for his own good. And the public toast to Saddam he made on TV was just ridiculous (although my chum Graham suggested it may have been a clever play on the Arab tradition of cheering your host, handled ironically).

However, this said I cannot help but find the timing and the manner of this supposed revelation to be highly suspect. Blair’s senior Labour party officials are planning on how to deal with Galloway for not toeing the party line during the war (bad enough not to stick to the party script, but he contradicted Tony of Arabia, the ultimate heresy). And this paper just happened to be found by someone in a bombed out building in Iraq and just happened to end up at the offices of the Daily Telegraph, who just happened to run it as a major story with no verification? An awful lot of coincidences of timing and exposure. Odd, is it not, that more papers from this mysterious bombed out building have not appeared to detail the arms deals Britain and the US (and France and Russia) concluded with the regime? Or perhaps papers detailing where all those weapons of mass destruction went to have not appeared?

Don’t trust everything you read. That includes here as well, obviously, although I try to give you as much as truth as the penguins (the true secret masters of the world) will allow me to share.