Last ever episode of Angel on Sky tonight. Dammit!!! Interesting choice for an ending. Won’t ruin it for those who haven’t got cable or downloaded it, but let’s just say it had some Kurosawa/Peckinpah overtones to it. Very cool and not the predictable finale you might expect, but then again it is written by Joss Wheddon, so expect the unusual.

Shame to see it go and hideous that dross like Charmed and, even worse, Andromeda still get churned out while Angel leaves us. Then again five seasons for what was s spin-off of a cahracter from another show is pretty good going. No more Buffy, no Angel, no Farscape (although movie version on the way, ditto Firefly),no Friends, no Frasier… Damn, too many good shows coming to an end. Then again two new ones have seriously tickled my fancy these last few months – Dead Like Me (which is renewed for another season, hurrah!Pouting star Elen Muth is interviewed in the new SFX) which I’ve raved about already and can tell you all is seriously weird, quirky, slightly Gothy and funny. The series based on Tremors confounded my expectations and is seriously good too. Very sassy with some macabre humour thrown in from time to time, looking forward to more of it. Now if only someone would pick up Carnivale in the UK.