According to an email I received from Chris Wood the ‘ole Woolamaloo Gazette is a Googlewhack. Does this mean Dave Gorman will come make a show about me?!?!?! heheh. So I tried it myself and actually got several results for ‘Woolamloo Gazette’. Only one proper hit for the actual site however, the rest were sites which either had links to the Woolamaloo or mentioned it, from other chums and random hits from people who had read a particular article. Does that count in Googlewhack or does it have to be only a single, unambigous result?

On the results I found there were alos utterly fraudulent ones such as which has nothing at all to do with me or the site, cheeky smeggers! They best beware less they feel the wrath of my sarcastic tongue and suffer a sever lampooning at some point in the future. There’s a hit on a page dealing in magic tricks because of my ripping the piss out of that twonk David Blaine last year. Another details quotes from reviews of MJ Simpson’s Douglas Adams biog I wrote for the Alien. A page detailing, of all things, sites of interest in Cleveland, Ohio has me listed. I wondered why then realised it was because of my mention of American Splendour. Another is a list of reviews for Ashok Banker’s Ramayana cycle.

Interesting the little ripples we make in the hyper-linked virtual reality of the web, isn’t it? And as an aside, if you just try ‘Woolamaloo’ on it’s own you get almost the same thing except you also get this Pythonesque link.