Only following orders

Well, pretty much as I predicted recently, Private English, the West Virginia gal grinning happily in the Iraqi torture pictures is on the news tonight saying they couldn’t have done anything wrong because – you guessed it – she was only following orders. Well, as I observed earlier both Nuremberg and later courts on crimes against humanity (which the US is almost alone in not signing up to) made very clear that everyone is responsible for their own moral judgement, so that feeble excuse does not let you off the hook. Besides which in the armed forces of every democratic nation an illegal order is totally invalid regardless of the rank of the officer issuing it, so there is no impetus to obey it.

Even more sickening than this sociopath private trying to wriggle clear of her moral liability was the sight of the smegging idiots in the Pentagon (who must take much of the blame for all of this) giving Donald ‘Someone Take this Giant Lemon out my Arse’ Rumsfeld a bloody standing ovation for his leadership!!!! Right after being grilled over his inability to manage his post as secretary of offence – sorry, defence – by the public, the senate and international opinion. Way to convince the rest of the world that not all US forces are psychopathic, trigger happy nutters following rabid hate-mongers, guys! That was a great image to show the world after what’s been going on. But then again, since when did America care about the world? Like the idiots who video taped a defenceless civilian hostage while they decapitated need any more encouragement.

Xenophobes unite

Following on from his recent forced resignation from his long-running BBC show after penning a frankly racist article on Arabs for a British rag of a newspaper Kilroy has moved to show that he’s not some Xenophonic little twat by standing up and campaigning for the UK Independence Party. For those who don’t know, this is a bunch of fringe eejits who say they are against the European Union, but really are a meeting club for one of those most British of past-times, let’s have a go at foreign people. Has anyone told these shag wits that Queen Victoria is dead and the Empire is long, long gone? Didn’t Kilroy make a big enough arse of himself – even by his standards – on his recent appearance on Have I Got News For You?

Big headlights

The video for Powder’s new song, which has a hilarious superhero theme is groovy! Especially enjoyed the super heroine/lead singer who’s costumer includes giant headlights right where you’d expect them to be J. The presence of a scantily clad super heroine woman with big headlights in no way influenced my opinion.