Vagaries of life

Fellow TAO contributor and muffin massacre man Vegar Holman has started his own blog, hot on the heels of our news editor Sandy Auden. And right away our Scandinavian reviewer is right into the controversial stuff (and you think I’m bad at provoking folk?) discussing the best-selling fantasy book in the world – the Bible! Heh. Actually Vegar makes some good points about fantasy elements in the Bible.

I’ve always found it amusing that the same inbred idiots in certain states in the USA ban Harry Potter from the schools, not on taste grounds which I could understand, but because it is ‘Satanic’, evil and magic corrupts and the Bible speaks against it. Oh, yeah – what about that trick with the fishes and the loaves? Parting the Red Sea? Bringing Lazarus back to from the dead? Fuck, it’s Lazarus, he’s a zombie!!!! Oh no, he’s chewing on Uncle Moses’ brains!! Quick, get a sling and put a pebble right in his brain, David!

Actually it reminds me of an old LP I have called Inside Star Trek from the mid 70s (probably collectable now). One section has Rodenberry railing against the censorship and limited vision of ignorant network executives. For example he says, let’s take an adaptation of the best-selling book of all time, the Bible. Here are the likely responses from the network: we’re worried about the principal character. We don’t like him going around barefoot or in sandals and practising medicine without a license. And we can’t have this God person wiping out 99.9% of humanity. As one customer commented this week fantasy was fine but for serious OTT violence and magical creatures you can’t beat the Bible.


Ah, here comes spring, so on cue comes a stinking cold and barking cough. Lovely.