Had a very long walk all the way from the village of Dirleston along the beach until we ended up at North Berwick. Wonderfully schizophrenic Scottish weather – one minute warm and very sunny then dark, glowering clouds and driving rain and wind then back to sun. At one point we could see the black rain clouds moving down the coast towards us and below them a wavering shape, almost like enomrous, miles-high black net curtains. They were literally sheets of rain coming from the black clouds. Wind whipping up the waves, glowering clouds – it was like something from a Turner seascape. It did bring out a gorgeous rainbow over the Bass Rock at North Berwick however, although it’s probably not overly clear here.

The storms did however claim casualties. We realised from the debris that a ship had been wrecked: here washed up on the foaming shore is the remains of the Captain’s Log :-)!!!!