Books with Bite

Sticking with the literary theme, I’ve been feeling pretty vampish recently and somewhat more gothic than even usual. Probably a reaction to too many crap things in my life right now bringing me down – the vamp stuff is comforting. Okay,candelit neck biting and hanging out in crumbling boneyards may not work for you lot of normals, but it works for me! Anyway, just started reading the Dead Until Dark, the first of the Sookie Stackhouse vampire novels which has been pretty enjoyable and quirky so far. I like the idea of a vampire returning to his small town after a century and a half and giving the genteel elderly ladies in the history society a lecture on what the Civil War was really like, lol. Another publisher has promised me a copy of a new factual book on the real Vlad Dracul, which should be a light and enjoyable read (for me anyway; dear old Uncle Vlad). Nothing like reading a few pages of mass torment and impalings before turning off the lights and going to sleep.

On a related topic, as I was digging in the darker recesses of the web wear mortals fear to tread (probably because of people like me with big teeth lurking there) I found this page from the University of Virginia which has the entire text of Rymer’s marathon penny-dreadful shocker from the mid-1800s, Varney the Vampyre (also known as the Feast of Blood – which gives you an idea of what to expect really) so you can read the entire thing.