Book event

a couple of pictures from the double-author event Alex and I hosted at the bookstore this week with two bloody great writers, Peter F Hamilton (Peter, I forgive you for ruining my wrists with those enormous tomes of yours) and our own local Ken MacLeod. As is customary we all decamped to the pub after a very good evening’s readings and a Q&A and some signing (naturally got my hardbacks fo both books signed for the collection) where an excited Charlie Stross insisted on showing me a few paragraphs of something he was working on (let’s just say it had to do with marital relations and robots) to see if it was working, which was fun. Our ocmpany has become very much a dreadful chain bookstore and not the unique place it once was, but every now and then we get to host a good book event and go drinking with some of our favourite authors and to push good new writers through our support. Reviews of both author’s latest already on the mighty Alien for your perusal (Ken’s by your humble Woolamaloo editor, Peter’s by George Walkley)