And this week’s word-association from Subliminal:

  1. Identity:: who am I?
  2. Reveal:: my darkest desires
  3. Live:: music
  4. Attitude:: oh I got some of that okay
  5. Night:: embracing
  6. Nevada:: hot
  7. Weekend:: dirty
  8. Write:: often
  9. Friend:: love
  10. Seventeen:: jailbait

Enough of that, time to test-drive the new optical-wear by taking them (and my eyes and other bits) to the movies. Promised Melanie we’d go see Girl With a Pearl Earring and we’ve both been too full of cold, flu and other yucky stuff to go until now. Just think, if Vermeer had been working today it would probably have been Girl With a Silver Tongue Stud or Girl With a Clitoral Piercing. Or perhaps he would just have skipped the tedious painting malarkey and fixed 5,000 pearl earrings to a large piece of dried hippopotamus dung and entered it into the Turner Prize. To the movies!