Peter goes global

Meanwhile another Jackson has been making waves in the media. This time it Hobbit-sized Kiwi Peter Jackson who took the Best Director award at the Golden Globes while Return of the King took the Best Picture. ROTK also picked up awards for best Original Score and Best Original Song.

Although by no means a sure thing, the Golden Globes have always been seen as a strong barometer of the way the Academy will vote for the Oscars. Could this finally be Peter Jackson’s year? We all know it damned well should be, but as this article makes clear, no fantasy film has ever won an Oscar.

Now, as a cinephile I have to say I think the Oscars are the most over-rated of all awards ceremonies, more often voting due to personal favourites by Academy members and the ridiculous amount of money spent by big studios to campaign for their award (this is not disimilar to the way the US electoral system works, ie spend lots of money to try and infuelnce you way into a winning situation – and they wonder why their government is so fucked up!!). So I really shouldn’t be so bothered what these Hollywood eejits think. But I would still very much like to see the Lord of the Rings trilogy pick up some gongs. And just think how it will piss off the so-called literati who loathed seeing LOTR winning the BBC’s Big Read recently if it picks up the book and film gongs within a few months of each other. Now we’ll have to wait and see what the BAFTAs bring around soon, then the Oscar night itself (I’m not counting the Empire movie mag awards since they show those only on Murdoch’s Sky Movies channel, so you have to pay extra subscritption just to see it, which seems a bit odd when these are suppsoed to be the ‘people’s awards’ – besides Empire is more about big blockbusters and bloody adverts dsiguised as features now instead of being about good films as it once was).

Hmmm, Perhaps I should re-instate the old Oscar sweepstakes at work again this year?