Books with bite

First SF Book Club of 2004 this week. Between the hiatus from November and the fact the weather was cold and awful we thought we’d get hardly anyone. Instead we got our best turnout yet, around twenty odd folk. Is word of mouth getting around or was it just the choice of book? Time will tell.

It was pretty rewarding anyway and good fun as usual. We were discussing Anne Rice’s classic Interview With the Vampire and the evening covered immortality, morality and other important topics such as why do vampires always wear white shirts with big colalrs when they know they’re going to get blood all over them and just how do they get those stains out? Especially considering many of them were hanging around long before washing machines or biological Bold. My theory was that poor Renfield-type characters have to spend hours in the dalylight when the master sleeps hand-scrubbing the blood stains out of the shirts and then forcing them through a mangle.

The things you learn in a bookstore.