Holy smoke!

Passing by a nearby church today I spotted these two posters promoting the virtues of Godliness by riffing on both the Lord of the Rings and The Matrix sequels. Hey, kids, come meet Jesus, the original ‘the one’! What will those pesky Christians think of next? If we’re not careful they’ll go from using movie-style posters to making spoof movies. Of course, they may have a problem if the followed through on the poster and tried to make a Lord of the Rings spoof since Gandalf would have to be out right away, since the Bible is pretty specific on witches and wizards (although it’s okay for saints and SOns of God to perform magic tricks – or miracles as the faithful refer to them). Of course, no real mainstream church would ever stoop to chicanery to trcik kids into joining them, unlike those evil cults, eh? Oh, wait a minute..