After much to-ing anf fro-ing between myself, Ariel and James Lovegrove we finally wrapped on our super three-way coverage of the new Sandman: Endless Nights collection, now edited together by Ariel’s tender hands and looking pretty damned fine if I do say so myself. These multi-reviewer discussions that we do occassionaly on the Alien for very special books are kind of becoming our trademark – something we can do that the more conventional SF media don’t – or indeed can’t – do due to all sorts of restrictions, but as a virtual publiaction we can be more flexible and experiment with fromats and presentations. Seems to go nicely with the readers and the publishers too, so another win-win situation all round. And on a similar note, very nice to look at the mass-market edition of Richard Morgan’s superb Broken Angels and see quotes on the cover from our coverage. Nice.