More freebies

I got a last minute invite from my chum and former flatmate Brendan late on Friday as I finished work. His new print and design business – the Fourth Craw – was having a launch party on Friday evening. It’s a few minutes from my place so I skipped right past it on the way home from work and right in to join them and help them guzzle some booze – especially the champers – and the nibbles. Last time I saw it was the week before opening, when the painters and joiners were still hard at it. Now it looks so cool. One spare room painted white is being used a a gallery space while the main room is full of gleaming new designer Macs and the life-size Hobbit standees I gave Brendan after oru Lord of the Rings event a couple of years back. he has a remarkable resemblance to Sean Astin’s Sam. The back room could be awfully dull. Instead it’s been turned into a lounge and informal meeting place with two rectangular ‘windows’ which are actually just light boxes with colour transparencies mounted on them, giving the illusion of a well lit room (very nice, especially at this time of year when we get perhaps 6-7 hours of sunlight or less).