Word association

Got this link from my dear chum in California – or New Arnold Land as they now call it – SweetRouge’s blog. It’s a form of word association she uses often on her blog and I thought I’d give it a bash. He says… Then you think of… Easy, huh? Remember, don’t take time, first thing that comes into your mind! So…

  1. Plan B:: From Outer Space
  2. Seattle:: Frasier
  3. The lady wore:: nothing
  4. Upsetting:: typesetting
  5. Tampon:: messy toilet
  6. Celebrity:: wanker
  7. Baja:: Blofeld’s lair in Diamonds are Forever
  8. 64:: million ways to die
  9. RGB:: Romanians Guzzle Beer
  10. Milkshake::chocolate with lots of ice cream, please

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