Bashing the bishop


Here’s to you, Bishop Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you can know, oh whoa whoa whoa…

Pity the same can’t be said of your Christian brethren. So nice to see them practising the tenets of the man who they take their religion’s name from. I may have little time for organised religion, but at least the message Jesus is attempting to convey is one of loving everyone, even your enemies. Naturally a lot of Anglicans know better than Jesus what is acceptable Christian behaviour… Right up there with their (and the Catholics) dislike of women clergy for pure, unadulterated bigotry, if not outright hatred of those who don’t conform to their narrow parameters. So much for love and peace.

Although I am bamboozled (isn’t that wonderful word? Must use it more often) as to why a gay person would want to be part of a religion which has persecuted them for millennia. Ditto why a woman would want to be a priest when Christianity, like many organised religions, has been a major tool for the suppression of women throughout history, helping the patriarchal elite keep them in their place. And the poor, female or male. And the gypsies. And the deformed. And the… Well, you get the picture – these modern Anglican Christians are part of a rich cultural heritage of hatred and bigotry. Now there’s a fine message to teach your children in bible class in between burning Harry Potter and Philip Pullman books.