Porn to be bad

I know you all consider me to be a dirty bugger and a right old perv. I suspect my reviews of Philip Jose Farmer’s Blow and the adult graphic novel Boffy the Vampri Layer have only enhanced this reputation, which, frankly, I revel in. In order to continue this reputation but also to deliver serious information and debate to you involving naughty matters I’ve been surfing away and found a fascinating article.

Nielsen, the people who do the TV ratings for the USA have conducted a survery of web porno browsers. Gee, guess what? Some women like it too. A surprise to no-one who has ever studied censorship, as I have. I found it amusign that some of the feminist academics in the US in the 90s campaigned against all porn as being demeaning to women. They arrogantly assumed they spoke for all women naturally, just as the 70s women’s movements were lead largely by middle-class, college educated women who assumed they spoke for every woman but actually knew bugger all about the thoughts of say, a single coloured mother living in one of the projects in Chicago. Clare Short made the same arrogant mistake here when she campaigned against top-shelf mags in the UK, again claiming to know best for all women. Well, it’s bollocks.

The academics I mentioned at the start were so damned sure all women hate porn and it is bad for them that they even shacked up with the right wing, Republican and Christian organisations. Yes, the same ones who despise feminists and would see all women shackled to the sink and not allowed to vote etc. They also split themselves as liberal members said they still didn’t approve of porn but it was a matter of free speech and it was up to individual adults to decide what they wanted and did not want. A few even said they liked porn. They often ended up stigmatised like film academics who studied horror and action flicks and said they actually enjoyed them. Tut, tut – pontificate on them but not enjoy them! Shudder. Lesbian feminist academics were particularly pissed of because they argued they not only liked porno, they used it regularly and didn’t want their ‘sisters’ to get it banned.

Anyway this article shows that millions of women do surf for porn. I certainly know several female friends who enjoy it, although their tastes often vary from what men enjoy, but then the web is there to appeal to all tastes, isn’t it? But these findings have pissed off the right wingers (it’s okay to rape the environment and bomb another country but not to watch a phot-shoot of a blowbjob) and the bloody Christians (the two are often synonmous in the US). In fact they decided that these poor, misguided women who had the temerity to express themselves sexually were addicted to porn in the way a drug abuser is addicted to crack cocaine. This neatly wrapping up the evils of drugs and sexuality as one big manifestation of evil for these simple minded cretins. Have you ever found a bunch of people who really, badly need a fucking joint and to get laid? More fascinating sexual tidbits from the World Sex news site.