My chum and ex-flatmate Brendan is starting his own business in print and design. I strolled along the road to his new premises about 5 minutes from my flat having failed to get him on his mobile. Knowing Brendan, a man who more than once left for work with his keys still dangling in the lock, I figured he probably left his phone somewhere and that’s why he didn’t answer. Oddly enough I bumped into him on the street, walking back to find his phone which he had left out on the fence near his new work palce. Lucily one of the builders fitting it out spotted it for him.

So, we look round the work in progress of what will hopefully be his new business by next week then bugger off to my local, the Caley Sample Room (owned by the world-renown Caleodnian Brewery, the world’s finest) for a ‘couple’ of pints. Find out the beer is discounted until 5pm during the week. 2 pints. 4 pints. Some nachos and another set of pints and another. Brendan’s girlfriend Amanda turns up on her way home from work to give him a lift. We have more beer and food. And chocolate cake. A grand total of 8 pints later and we’re starting to think we should go home… Oh, the best drinking sessions are the ones that are totally unplanned and just grow organically from a ‘couple’ to a full-on session of heavy drinking and talking bollocks. A grand old Celtic tradition.