I swear it’s SF

Inspired by an article in the new SFX – and believe me that doesn’t happen too often – on favourite SF swear words I decide to try and see what came up on Google when I put some in.

Drem (from Farscape), as in that’s a load of drem. I knew this one already since it is near where I live – it’s a village in East Lothian near Edinburgh. Main business is inbreeding and shooting the drem in the local pub.

Drokk – a favourite of Britain’s top comics character, Judge Dredd, as in Holy Drokk! Came up on a site on the Egyptian Book of the Dead because the mail address is Drokk@ for some reason. Also a fabulous site called Drokk.com which you just have to look at! PLus, for some odd reason, a site on electronic music. Plus obviously a lot of site on Dredd.

Smeg, from Red Dwarf. See also smegger. Can be used in various ways – oh smeg, smeg off, eat smeg or just plain old smeg. Also Italy’s leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances. One day I aspire to own one – not because they are any better than other, cheaper fridges, I just want a fridge that says ‘smeg’ on it.

Feldercarb, from the original BAttlestar Galactica (will it be in the new version?). For the first time ever I didn’t find a single hit on Google with this search.

Frell – another Farscape one and like smeg very versatile. Only notable link was this one, but it is actually a good one as it is the Urban Dictionary and actually lists words from fantasy such as frell. Handy