Haven’t been onlinine a few days – come on and downlaod a pile of emails including not one but two attempted frauds, pretending to be form my bank and asking me to verify my password and logon etc by emailing it to them. Now obviously the bank would never ask me for this and certainly not via an unsecured email, but some poor trusting sod will respond to it without thinking (unlike cynical and web-wise buggers like me).

The fraud was made all the more transparent because it has been reported already in the press. In fact when I contacted the Halifax they had a message covering exactly this and telling you where to send the information to help them track the bastards down, which I did. Barlcays were not geared up as well as Halifax, so I had to fill in one of their annoying forms then type my text into one of those annoying wee boxes – the equivelant of the automated phone services you get from them I suppose. Anyway I passed them on – they were obviously just some bunch of really lame crooks as a hacker would just try to burn into the bank’s central system for this sort of info.

And a message to fraudsters – these things, like people pretending to be gas meter readers before robbing you, only work on very stupid people, like the elderly and you are low down scum for even trying it. And your second lesson is sending me a message from a bank I don’t have an coount with is a bit of a giveaway (being Scottish I don’t bank with the like sof Barclays who hardly exist up here). And thirdly and msot painfully obvious – when you have found someone’s email from whatever source and try to auto-spam them with this crooked message you should refrain from sending two absolutely identical messages (word for word) from two different banks to the same email account. Kind of looks suspicious to even a trusting fool. Shagwits.