Book Club

The second SF Book Club tonight and again it went very well – plus we were a couple of folk up on the last time and as we’ve sold many times the normal amount for this month’s book it was a bit of a success even before the gig! Tonight was Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend, excellent classic novel. Everyone got their teeth stuck into this Cold War SF meets Vampire novel and the discussions ranged from the role of mythic archetypes and vampire mythology to germ warfare, paranoia and, yes, Kate Beckinsale’s arse in tight leather in Underworld (okay, I brought that one up). Very enjoyable night all round and a feeling that Alex and I are building on something rewarding and worthwhile here. Just a shame about a couple of fellow geeks who were, once mroe, no-shows (but were probably busy dealing with their facial fuzz judging by their recent blogs, for shame!).

Now as the lovely Kate from Titan has sent me a copy of the new Sandman collection, Endless Nights I need to get some reading done on something I’ve really been looking forward to. Expect an unusual (and naturally incisisve, illuminating and wonderful) review by Ariel and myself on the Alien soon.

Bloody drivers

Bloody car drivers who think they can park anywhere. I got off my bus tonight and tried to use the pedestrian crossing near my home. Except I can’t because an inconsiderate driver has parked her bloody car right on the crossing. No, not on the zig-zag lines as so many often do (which is equally illegal and fucking dangerous anyway) but actually slap bang on the middle of the crossing. So to get over the road I need to walk around her fucking car, off the crossing lane an into the road. Not only has she stopped here to let her immensely fat-arsed friend off, she then decides to sit and have a chat with her – hey, what’s the hurry? She looks up and sees me trying to corss. Does she go, oops, and move on? Does she buggery. So I lean in the open window and ask if she’s aware she is parked on a crossing. I’m just about to move, she answers, pissed off at my terrible affrontery. I ask why the hell she is parked right over the crossing in the first place. No need to swear she shouts, show some respect. I tell her people who do this kind of things don’t deserve any bloody respect and would she please get out of the fucking way. Her fat friend gets out, swears at me and walks off, while lazy driver just sits there to piss me off. So I kick her door panel sveral times and put some nice dings in it, give her the finger and walk on. I like to think I did my civic safety duty today. I like to think I made a difference. I wish she were a rarity but folk do this all the time. I find it immensely amusing when parents stop on the crossing area to drop off their mewling brats for school – exactly the sort of parents who drive their people carriers to PTA meetingst to protest at the dangerous roads near the schools…